Volkswagen Will Reveal a Big Update for the Golf Next Week

Volkswagen has been counting its way down to a “major” update for the Golf and now we know when the update will be revealed: Thursday, November 10.

First announced in early October, the updated Golf’s appearance isn’t expected to change enormously, but new bumpers and lights front and back will help differentiate this one from the current Mk7. New more powerful and more efficient engines are expected, as well as a new infotainment system, and maybe even gesture control.

Since its inception 42 years ago, the Golf has become the best selling European car ever. Through seven generations and countless special editions, more than 32,500,000 Golfs have been bought.

In the build-up to the update, VW has been celebrating the Golfs that came before it with short oral histories. You can watch the latest video on the Mk6 below.

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