Video: MINI JCW Rolls-Royce Edition POV Is a Barefoot Experience

The MINI JCW hardtop can hardly be called a comfortable car. It has been setup to for other purposes, such as staying cool and stable at high speeds or through fast corners. However, the car we’re looking at today is no ordinary MINI but a special edition model. Built specifically for a dealership in the Netherlands, this is the MINI JCW Rolls-Royce Edition. And while that may sound like a peculiar combination, you should definitely see the interior before anything else.

The traditional John Cooper Works seats are still there but only their shape has been maintained. The materials have been changed, this MINI coming with white Nappa leather all around. To be honest, they look a lot more comfortable than the standard ones but I would definitely avoid them as they are probably extremely easy to stain. The Spirit of Ecstasy was stitched in the headrests too, a nice touch for a car that wants to mix the two British brands.

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However, the most interesting feature of the car is, without a doubt, positioned a the tip of your toes. And no, I’m not talking about the pedals. In this case, the floor mats demand a bit more attention, as the driver clearly shows before getting in the car. Taking off your shoes does seem like a bit of a stretch but those floor mats definitely seem soft and immaculate and it would be a shame to get in wearing dirty shoes, or just shoes.

As for the car, we don’t have a lot of details about it but considering the way it looks, we’re pretty sure it comes with a price tag that’s both prohibiting and unbelievably high. I can’t pass any judgement over if it’s worth it but I’m guessing someone who owns a Rolls-Royce could probably buy it to have their help run errands in it, right? And those errands would be done in a jiffy!


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